The Beginning

Everything has to start somewhere. Sometimes that beginning is distant and hard to remember. Sometimes it is something that is just sticky, and it stickily sticks to you and doesn't let go. Then that stickiness that is so sweet and aches of possibility and sparks and creativity draws the bees. And those bees swarm about you and eventually get so stuck in your head that you need to open and let them fly out of you to make more sweet sticky honey.

And so it goes and so it went with ‘The Breeding Hut’. A beautiful creative journey of love that started so many years ago its almost hard to see. The fated evening Jeff and I were having a Coachella date, live streaming on You Tube, which we joked meant we didn’t have to walk back to our campsite or use the porta potties!! Explosions In The Sky played a revealing, and magical set, and we talked and birthed this idea. At first it was fun and crazy, but it also was sticky and sweet and stuck. Soon, it drew a few bees. Jeff did some workshopping, but the others couldn’t handle all the sex and sensuality, and we weren’t ready to ‘create the new’ and heal our own shame around sexuality. So the idea sat.  And stuck. The bees swirled and made some new honey and bit by bit it finally spilled over and we felt the story wanted to be told. The life’s purpose it has since granted me has only been a bonus of the bees wanting and needing to be freed.

And so it begins. And if you are here, then you are here at the start. Thank you for joining. I look forward to sharing the ride with you!