Successful Launch!!

Hello one and all,

"The Breeding Hut" has officially launched, and we would love your help to share it far and wide!! 

In Nelson, you can purchase “The Breeding Hut” at Otter Books and the Touchstones Museum gift-shop.

Also, special for locals only: you can buy “The Breeding Hut” online without paying for shipping by arranging an e-transfer via the website’s contact page and providing a drop-off address within walking distance of downtown!

Not from Nelson? You can get your hands on a copy right here! Look for the Shop button on our website!

(Shipping is included in the cost, and we are supporting Canada Post -- not amazon!!)

We are so excited to finally realize this personal dream of ours, and it would be awesome if you can invest in your own copy of the book as well as pass along the word about our first published work to anyone who may be interested!

It’s easy for you to share what we've been up to (through emails, word-of-mouth, social media, buy your aunt a copy...etc!), and this will help us continue to create more art in the future for this community and beyond:)

We hope everyone's doing well with your own endeavours and thank you for your continued support.

All the best from us to you... Lisel & Jeffrey