Almost There

It’s official: this book has willed itself into existence, the signs prove it, and we've delivered the first printed edition home for good. While waiting for all five-hundred copies to be printed in Victoria, we were feted by hummingbirds, herons, eagles, ravens, deer, seals, loons, river otters, sea otters, a sea-lion, orcas, and a symphony of frogs; plus, a herd of elk greeted us back to the Kootenays. 

We feel very grateful to have completed a project that we first conceived around a decade ago. At the same time, we’re freaking out about being so vulnerable with a heartfelt work of fiction. Having been involved with so many theatre projects over the years, we’re finding it to be a different ball of wax when it comes to nervous expectations around laying ourselves out so bare on the permanent literary page. It’s one thing to expose your body on a dramatic stage, temporarily; it’s another to put your thoughts down on the page for eternity.

That said, there’s a life purpose in this leap-of-faith endeavour which embodies our modus operandi ever since we found each other at the end of the last millennium. We follow our hearts and do what’s the most fun and rewarding creative experience in the present. This has led us both to a place wherein we want to celebrate the healthiness of physical and mental love through divinely inspired entertainment more than ever. As opposed to modern culture’s ever-present obsession with violence against women in popular mediums disguised as consumerist fluff, we’ve aspired to forge a respectful monument to the beauty and therapeutic gain from loving one’s self and one’s ‘consensual’ lovers.

“The Breeding Hut” Book Launch: April 11th, in Spiritbar at the Hume Hotel.

Lisel will be doing a comedy set about the process of writing the book and the night will cap off with dancing to DJ Morning Glory.

Books will be for sale for $20, advance tickets are $10 (+ fee), doors open at 7pm, and the show starts at 8pm.