Hot Summer Read

A Book Has Its Own Life

“The Breeding Hut” is now out and about in the world, as in addition to it being available at Otter Books and Touchstones Museum in Nelson, our hot summer read is now at Gold Rush Bookstores in Rossland, Crocket Book Company in Trail, and People’s Coop Book Store in Vancouver on Commercial!

Lisel will be plugging “The Breeding Hut” at the Kootenay Burlesque Festival this weekend at the Capitol Theatre when she emcees acts which have just won major international awards, and we’re gearing up for the Elephant Mountain Literary Festival in July where our novel will be at the local writers' table thanks to Otter Books. Plus, Lisel will host a reading of select passages from “The Breeding Hut” as a happy-hour sweet treat at Cake Betty’s during a break on the opening night of the EMLF, Friday July 19.

Mainly we’re really excited by the reaction so far to our impassioned work, and we’re already looking at an ‘in the black’ scenario, so thanks to everyone who’s supported the book so far. It’s enjoyable for us to begin work on such bread-and-butter projects as Lisel’s upcoming production of “Chess” with the Amy Ferguson Institute in which Jeff stars as the Russian, while enjoying the fruits of our labour that still exist in space and time for others to enjoy as we create newer things! Unlike our decades of theatre success, “The Breeding Hut” will continue to please readers -- whenever, wherever! -- for many years to come;)